How to come up with good prompts for Stable Diffusion


In the realm of AI-generated art, creating captivating and unique images requires more than just a click of a button. It demands a thoughtful and strategic approach to crafting prompts that guide AI models towards your artistic vision. In this guide, we will delve into the art of prompt engineering and how it can unleash the true potential of AI art generators like Stable Diffusion.

The Power of the Prompt

Prompt building is akin to a painter choosing the perfect brushstroke – it defines the direction, style, and narrative of the resulting image. Just like a skilled artist selects colors and techniques to convey emotion, you, as a prompt engineer, wield keywords and descriptors to breathe life into AI-generated creations.

Unveiling the Anatomy of a Stellar Prompt

A well-constructed prompt is a recipe for success. Here are the essential components that comprise a powerful prompt:

  • Subject: The foundation of any prompt is a vivid subject description. Rather than a mere outline, imbue life by detailing emotions, expressions, and surroundings. For instance, instead of “a cat,” envision “a mischievous tabby cat playing hide-and-seek among sun-dappled autumn leaves.”

First, you will need a subject description with as much detail as possible. Below is an example.

Prompt (subject only):

A young woman with light blue dress sitting next to a wooden window reading a book.

It is a good practice to include a generic negative prompt.

ugly, deform, disfigured

Let’s use the Realistic Vision v2 model.

  • Medium and Style: The choice of medium significantly influences the visual outcome. Be it the digital precision of a painting or the vintage charm of a photograph, specify the medium you desire. Further, define the style – from surreal to impressionistic – that aligns with your creative intent.
  • Artist and Website: Infuse the prompt with personality by attributing the image to a fictional or real artist. This not only directs the AI but also imparts an artistic signature. Mentioning a website name, like “artstation,” can give a genre-oriented touch.
  • Resolution and Additional Details: Fine-tune the image’s intricacy by mentioning the desired resolution – be it the crispness of an 8k display or a nostalgic 16-bit vibe. Sprinkle additional details to add character, like “capturing the essence of dawn’s first light” or “adorned with intricate lace patterns.”
  • Color and Lighting: Craft an atmosphere with color descriptors such as “iridescent gold” or “vintage warmth.” Take control of lighting – choose “ethereal moonlight” or “fiery sunset hues” to guide the AI’s brushstrokes.

Putting them all together, the prompt is

Digital painting of a young woman with light blue dress sitting next to a wooden window reading a book, by Stanley Artgerm Lau, artstation, 8k, extremely detailed, ornate, cinematic lighting, rim lighting, vivid

Now we get this image.

Crafting the Ultimate Prompt

Let’s embark on a creative journey by crafting an intricate prompt:

Digital painting of a whimsical circus elephant, adorned with kaleidoscopic patterns, in a dreamlike midnight garden. Inspired by the enigmatic artistry of Salvador Dali. Rendered in high-resolution 4k, with luminescent hues and cascading starlight.

Empowering Your Prompts with Practical Tips

  • Elaborate Details: Delve into specifics. Every nuance, from the texture of the elephant’s skin to the intricate designs, matters. A rich prompt produces a richer image.
  • Blend Styles: Experimentation leads to innovation. Combine unexpected keywords – meld “vintage” with “cyberpunk” for a fusion that sparks new ideas.
  • Artist’s Essence: Study artists’ works and emulate their style through prompts. Mentioning iconic artists like Van Gogh or Kahlo can guide the AI towards their distinctive aesthetics.
  • Keyword Hierarchy: Use brackets to modulate the emphasis of keywords. “(Digital painting)” has a different impact than “[Digital painting].”

Discovering the Uncharted Territories of AI Art

In your quest to master prompt engineering, remember that AI is an ever-evolving canvas. The combinations you create can unearth unseen wonders. Just as an artist surprises themselves during creation, so can you with the unpredictable outcomes of your meticulously crafted prompts.


The fusion of human creativity and AI ingenuity births awe-inspiring artworks. Prompt engineering is your wand – wield it thoughtfully to unlock realms of imagination previously unexplored. Embrace the unexpected, experiment boldly, and let the virtual strokes of AI paint your imagination onto the canvas of reality. With Stable Diffusion and a well-crafted prompt, you’re not just generating images; you’re birthing stories.

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