How To Generate Fantasy Animals With Human Bodies In Stable Diffusion


In a dimly lit studio, a goat stands elegantly on its hind legs, donning a finely tailored suit and a whimsical tie. The result of the Realism Engine v1’s ingenuity, this surreal sight challenges the conventional boundaries of attire. With an air of confidence, the goat clears its throat and addresses its audience, reminding them that appearances are but a veneer, while character remains the true essence.


We will use AUTOMATIC1111 Stable Diffusion GUI to generate animal images. You can use this GUI on WindowsMac, or Google Colab.


ere are some prompts based on different subjects:

  • Photo of a Solitary Lion, its golden mane illuminated by the setting sun, exuding strength and serenity.
  • Photo of a mystical Pack of Wolves emerging from the misty depths of an ancient forest.
  • Photo of a mischievous Red Panda peeking out from behind colorful leaves, its eyes sparkling with curiosity.
  • Photo of a Regal Peacock caught mid-dance, feathers spread wide in a kaleidoscope of iridescent hues.
  • Photo of a Tiny teacup kitty perched on an oversized chair, looking like the ruler of its whimsical domain.

Feel free to customize these prompts


Every photograph is a story waiting to be told, and the scene sets the stage for that narrative. Scene keywords hold the power to transport viewers into the heart of the wilderness, where nature’s dramas unfold:

  • Blanketed in snow, a wolf’s determined gaze pierces through the winter’s veil.
  • A river’s gentle whispers provide the soundtrack to a bear’s fishing expedition.
  • Ancient trees stand as guardians of the forest’s secrets.
  • A grassland canvas paints a serene backdrop for a deer’s graceful leap.
  • Amidst a realm of emerald, a lion’s roar asserts dominance.


As the brushstrokes of a painter define their masterpiece, lighting molds the essence of an image. Lighting keywords are the artist’s palette, each stroke enhancing the narrative:

  • The dark studio unveils hidden mysteries, igniting the imagination.
  • Rim lighting dances around a stalking predator, outlining nature’s prowess.
  • Sunset’s golden hues kiss the horizon, infusing warmth into every pixel.
  • Dramatic lighting casts nature’s actors in a captivating chiaroscuro.


An image’s symphony is composed not just of scenes and lighting, but also the subtle extras that lend authenticity. Keywords, like well-chosen notes, enrich the composition:

  • The camera’s lens captures the soul of the moment, a DSLR’s heartbeat in every click.
  • Ultra quality elevates pixels to emotions, a visual symphony in high fidelity.
  • Film grain embraces nostalgia, weaving stories through the fabric of time.
  • 8K UHD reveals every whisper of nature’s tapestry, immersing viewers in detail.


Breathe life into your photographs with phrases that resonate, lending an aesthetic rhythm:

  • “National Geographic Wildlife photo of the year” crowns the pinnacle of nature’s artistry.
  • “The American Landscape Contest” paints patriotism across panoramic horizons.
  • “Wildlife photography contest” ignites a communal celebration of untamed beauty.


Step into the realm of anime-inspired vector art with our secret weapon: the MeinaMix model. It’s not just about animals; it’s about capturing their essence in a style that’s both timeless and entrancing. Your prompt is your wand, guiding the model’s creative flow. But wait! To ensure that you get pure animal marvels, wield the power of the negative prompt. Wave away elements like “bad art,” “amateur,” and even “girl” or “people.” It’s like creating a portal to a world where only your chosen animal exists.


“Generate a visually striking representation of a goat wearing a suave suit, exuding confidence in a dimly lit studio. Employ the Realism Engine v1. (Note that this is a v2 fine-tuned modelyou will need to download the accompanying config file to use it in AUTOMATIC1111.), capabilities to craft an image that emphasizes the fusion of human attire with the goat’s form, underscoring the message that character outweighs outward appearance.”


a lion wearing a suit, dark studio


3d render, cgi, painting, drawing, cartoon, anime,robot


In the end, the goat in a suit, conjured by the Realism Engine v1, stands as a testament. Its eloquence in the dim studio underscores the timeless truth: appearances are fleeting, while the authenticity of character endures, bridging the gap between species and teaching us to see beyond the surface.

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