How to make large prints with Stable Diffusion?


Crafting large prints with Stable Diffusion’s finesse involves an artful approach. The canvas starts as a 512×512 pixel expanse for v1 models, a foundation that shouldn’t stray too far. The dance between dimensions and proportions is key here.

In this tale of digital artistry, Stable Diffusion and AI upscaling stand as the maestros, rendering your prints in a crescendo of dimensions, a concerto of clarity. The canvas, once a mere 512 pixels, emerges as a tapestry of pixelated dreams.

Initial Image Generation

  • For Landscape Images:
  • Set the height to 512 pixels and the width to a higher value, like 768 pixels, with a 2:3 aspect ratio.
  • Upscaling the Image:
    • After generating the initial image, the next step is to upscale it.
    • The post suggests using the free AUTOMATIC1111 GUI, which includes popular AI upscaling tools.

AI Upscaling Tutorials

  • The post provides links to tutorials for using AI upscalers effectively.
  • There’s a beginner’s guide to AI upscalers.
  • There’s also a tutorial for more advanced usage of AI upscaling techniques.

In summary, the post outlines a process for creating large prints using Stable Diffusion by generating images with specific dimensions and aspect ratios and then upscaling them using AI upscaling tools. It also offers resources for learning how to use these tools, both for beginners and more advanced users.

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