Rules of thumb for building good prompts


Unlocking the full potential of AI-generated content demands mastery in prompt creation. To excel, adhere to these two cardinal principles:

1.Be detailed and specific

2.Use powerful keywords

In a realm where AI’s capabilities surge forward, remember that even Stable Diffusion remains incapable of telepathy. Thus, the depth of your image description is pivotal.

Be detailed and specific

Imagine desiring an AI-created depiction of a woman in an urban backdrop. A rudimentary prompt such as “a woman on street” may yield an image akin to a grandmother meandering down a road, fulfilling the request yet missing the essence. This is not the AI’s shortcoming but rather a prompt inadequacy.

To elevate your interaction, you must elevate your prompt. Picture this:

“A vivacious young lady, her chocolate-brown eyes sparkling with curiosity, her hair adorned with artful highlights that catch the sunlight as if weaving it into her tresses. She exudes confidence, donning an ensemble that elegantly balances professionalism and comfort – a testament to her fashion acumen. Seated gracefully outdoors on a tranquil city street, a gentle halo of rim lighting encircles her, hinting at a world of possibilities.”

PROMPT: a young lady, brown eyes, highlights in hair, smile, wearing stylish business casual attire, sitting outside, quiet city street, rim lighting

Observe the transformative power of this approach. It’s an invitation to refine your aptitude in prompt construction, transcending mundane phrases and summoning forth vibrant, multi-dimensional creations from AI. Your journey towards harnessing the true capabilities of AI creation begins with the finesse of your prompts.

Use powerful keywords:A Journey into Prompt Mastery

In the grand tapestry of AI interaction, the art of prompts wields a profound influence. At its heart lie keywords – not all equal, some akin to stars guiding your creative voyage. Think:

  • Celebrities: Imagine invoking “Emma Watson” to conjure a universe imbued with her essence.
  • Artistry: Utter “van Gogh” and watch the strokes of genius illuminate your canvas.
  • Medium Magic: Whispers of “illustration,” “painting,” or “photograph” conjure distinct realms of visual wonder.

These words, deftly interwoven, steer the AI’s vision toward your desire.

But it’s more than lexicon sorcery; it’s strategic finesse. Imagine desiring a portrait that marries the elegance of Emma Watson with van Gogh’s ethereal touch. Picture an “illustration” that captures the essence of a fleeting smile, transcending the boundaries of the photograph.

For deeper understanding, the tome “Basics of Building Prompts” unveils more insights and illustrative keywords.

Yet, craving a shortcut? Just as a scholar seeks guidance for homework, ChatGPT stands ready. A well-crafted prompt from it can evoke images beyond imagination, a symphony orchestrated by keywords.

Embark on this odyssey, where words sculpt worlds, and keywords reign as the master strokes, painting your desires upon the canvas of AI’s creation.

In Short

Effective AI prompts are built on two key principles: detail and specificity, and powerful keywords. Provide comprehensive descriptions to avoid ambiguity, and use potent keywords like celebrity names and art mediums to guide AI output. Developing prompt-building skills enhances AI interactions, with tools like ChatGPT offering assistance. Your prompts wield creative power, shaping AI-generated content and turning imagination into reality.

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