Shortcut to use embeddings in AUTOMATIC1111


“In the realm of AUTOMATIC1111, embeddings can be a tricky business. Even the slightest deviation from the norm can disrupt their functionality. It’s important to remember that v1 embeddings and v2 embeddings are not interchangeable; they are tailored to distinct language models.

But how can you be certain that you’re harnessing the power of embeddings to their fullest potential? AUTOMATIC1111 has a nifty little secret waiting for you. It’s a button nestled between the trash and copy icons, sporting a design reminiscent of an old-school iPod (apologies if this reference is from a bygone era).

Click it and you will see all the embeddings that are available. They are all under the Textual Inversion tab.

Give it a click, and you’ll unveil a treasure trove of available embeddings, neatly organized under the ‘Textual Inversion’ tab. Simply choose one, and it will seamlessly integrate into your prompt. This feature comes in especially handy, sparing you the hassle of meticulously typing in the embedding magic word, and ensuring a smoother and more efficient experience.”


In AUTOMATIC1111, embeddings are sensitive to changes, and v1 and v2 embeddings are not compatible. To easily use embeddings, click the iPod-like button between the trash and copy buttons to access a list of available embeddings under the ‘Textual Inversion’ tab. Selecting one inserts it into your prompt, saving you from manual input.

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