What are those parameters, and should I change them?


Exploring the Art of Image Generation: Unveiling the Power of Parameters

In the realm of online image generators, a world of creative possibilities awaits, shaped by a handful of key parameters that wield the magic of digital artistry. Let’s embark on a journey through these parameters and unlock the secrets they hold:

Image Size

Imagine the canvas as a portal to your imagination, where size transcends mere dimensions. The conventional 512×512 pixels serve as the foundation, but dare to dream bigger. Transform landscapes into portraits, and vice versa, to infuse a new perspective into your creations. Harness the power of size to breathe life into your visions.

Sampling Steps

The dance of detail and clarity unfolds through sampling steps, with a minimum of 20 steps as our baseline. Each step brings precision, unraveling intricacies that escape the eye. The blurry veil shall be lifted as you raise the steps, inviting sharper forms to grace your canvas. With every step, a masterpiece emerges.

CFG Scale

Context-Free Grammar, the maestro behind coherence, conducts a symphony of creativity. A humble value of 7 conducts the melody, but should you desire harmony with your prompts, let the scale ascend. Observe as your images align more faithfully with your vision, an orchestra of imagery playing in sync with your desires.

Seed Value

The enigma of randomness versus constancy rests within the seed. A -1 seed conjures randomness, a fresh roll of the creative dice with each click. Yet, should you seek to immortalize a creation, a chosen seed shall ensure its resurrection on demand. Navigate the threads of chance and intent, crafting your narrative.


As we conclude this exploration, remember that parameters are the brushstrokes on the canvas of innovation. Adjust, tweak, and refine until your vision crystallizes into pixels of reality. The art of image generation is yours to wield, with parameters as your allies and imagination as your guide.

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